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“Call Boy Scores Hot Executive Ass” - Original erotic gay story by Tiger Max

A very horny call boy hooks up with an ultra-hot executive trick!!.


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Call Boy Scores Hot Executive Ass” - Original erotic gay story by Tiger Max


I love to watch the sharp young executive types filing into the OneEleven, one of Chicago’s most elegant and popular new Loop apartment buildings. Some of them are absolutely the most gorgeous excuse for masculine pulchritude on the fucking planet - handsome as hell, with obviously well-kept bodies showing through their expensive suits - prime candidates for a hot and hungry young call boy.

But I‘ve never liked being online with my face and body. I own an upscale gym just outside the city, and do not want my gay identity “out there!!” In the gym I’m Mr. Gorgeous-as-hell Macho Man! I hang-out at trendy bars in the Loop sometimes, and get picked-up; but not always for money - only when I’m hard-up for cash. Being a male escort is not my career, just a very lucrative sex-hobby!!

My MO, about once a week, is to walk back and forth in front of the OneEleven, stopping occasionally to lean suggestively against a column. Sometimes I even amble into the chic-modern lobby, and sit for a few minutes on the big white centerpiece sofa, displaying my wares! It never takes me long to hook a fish! Someone always wants to escort me upstairs. It’s like dangling a piece of raw meat in front of a hungry lion! I tried, but I didn’t like the money-wrangling and surprise duds I sometimes ended-up with. I like the personal touch: getting to view the merchandise up close and personal. I have to admit that the objective always lurking in the back of my mind was to find Mr. Right among the dozens of sex-crazed junior executives I serviced. In the meantime, big cocks and hungry assholes were just fine!!


You see, the trick is, I’m goddamn irresistible! - ultra-handsome – like a beautiful and sensuous GQ knockout. Guys who have pictures of my face say they beat-off to it! My dark wavy hair, inherited from my Italian mom, and blue eyes from my Danish father are a devastating combo. And I’ve sculpted an extremely sexy, tanned physique, accented by a couple of elegant tribals: large well-formed biceps, prominent, chiseled pecs, and a round, ball-tingling bubble-butt. Of course my abs are unseen, but ripped to fuckin’ perfection. Turning the best executive tricks is no problema!
When cruising, I usually wear an expensive tight-fitting polo shirt that shows-off everything I’ve got, and designer jeans that nicely display my unmistakable bulge and generous ass cheeks. I’m prime bait for the horny gay executives who file into the building after a hard day at the office. When I get hungry for plush accommodations, horny executive hunks, and big money, I go to the OneEleven; home to well-off gay Loopers!! I don’t frequent that venue very often, so as not to attract the attention of the doorman or patrolling cops. I really don’t have the time anyway. I’m 27, and try to stay with dudes between 25 and 45. I actually prefer the 35 to 45 crowd – more mature and sex-savvy! A little gray around the temples can be very alluring in my book. And some of them want a repeat performance – good for sex, and good for business!

One day not long ago, I was sitting in the lobby, and an attractive 40-ish gentleman sat down on the sofa about four feet from me. He had a Journal and started browsing through it. Every now and then he would shift his eyes my way as I slowly caressed my big, bulging thigh, and adjusted my package. After about five minutes, we locked eyes and connected!! “Hi,” he said a bit nervously, “how’s your day going?” … “Not bad,” I casually replied; always wanting to bait the hook by not being too easy. “Well, it’s been a hard day at the office for me, so I’m up for some relaxation and entertainment this afternoon.” … “Funny you mentioned relaxation,” I responded, “I give a fantastic massage ... interested?” … “Damn, that sounds fabulous … let’s go on up to my apartment.” … “YES!!” I said to myself, “that was frickin easy!”

So, up the elevator we went, making small talk on the way. The cologne he was wearing filled the elevator with a subtle, yet seductively masculine aroma, causing my cock to burn with anticipation. He said his name was Daren Foster. I told him mine was Toni Di’angelo – although I never use my real name.
He was one gorgeous, late-thirties office hunk: very distinguished, dark hair with light graying around the temples - and obviously well-preserved under his pin-striped Hart, Shaffner Marx two-piece. You can tell. There was no pretense at that point of course; we both knew the other was gay – and horny!! He shared with me that he had been married for about three years in his late twenties; but when his wife caught him with a guy on a Caribbean cruise, it was curtains for the marriage. There were no kids, and he hadn’t become very successful at that time, so it just ended - with little fanfare, and minimal alimony.

We got to the 15th floor and went on into his apartment. I love the elegantly modern décor of the One Eleven accommodations, and he had done a fabulous job with the furnishings and artwork. Being with him for only a few minutes seemed like home; but I didn’t want to make too much of it at that point. As soon as we got inside, he pulled out his wallet and gave me two hundred-dollar bills. “And there’s more later, if I’m really pleased,” he said, “that OK?” … “No Problem, sir!” I eagerly responded, as I stuffed the bills in my pocket.
I reached down and grabbed his already bulging crotch, massaging it gently as he purred like a kitten. “Mmmmm … you’re one gorgeous stud, Toni; and built like a stallion … love those dreamy blue eyes!” … “You’re not so bad yourself, for an old man!” I quipped. He laughed, and brought my lips to his, and aggressively thrust his tongue deep inside my mouth - as if to say, “I’m still young enough to more than handle you!!” I met his warm probe, and we started sliding our slick mouth-cocks all over each other, opening our jaws as wide as they would go. “This is one passionate fucker!” I said to myself as he slipped my shirt over my head, and began stiff-tonguing my neck and chest, moaning with aggressive delight.
Breathing heavy, he pulled away and took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen, where he opened the fridge and took out a couple of Bud Light tall boys. “I’m thirsty as hell … are you?” he asked. “Sure, man.” I replied, as I took and popped the frosty can, and downed a big gulp. We just stood there sexy-chatting and playfully teasing each other’s bodies as we finished off the first can.

Loosened up and relaxed, we started sharing things about our lives, telling funny stories, and laughing like hyenas. God, I love a man with a sense of humor – turns me fuckin’ on! I felt very comfortable – like I had known him all my life! I wanted him naked as soon as possible; but: other than his loosened tie, he was still fully clothed, so all I could do was squeeze his hard-on through his trousers and claw at his chiseled pecs through his dress shirt. My nipples were fair game though: sitting there so pert and stiff before his horny eyes. He reached over and tweaked them with his fingertip, smooching me now and then between swigs as I growled my horny approval – “Mmmmmmm, you know how to rev a guy’s engine, office man!!”

Growling softly, he ran his index finger sexily over my face and lips saying “Damn, you’re one sensuous young stud!” (his eager fingers loosening my belt buckle) “I knew we would end up in my apartment as soon as I saw you in the lobby: sitting there so gorgeous and sexy!” Grabbing my head, he pulled our faces together and thrust his hot tongue into my mouth as his hand slid down the back of my jeans into my crack, reaching-in and fingering my sweaty little pucker. “Damn, Daren … Oh YEAH!!! … Mmmm!!” I groaned as he worked it in an inch or so. Then he pulled his finger up to his nose and inhaled my sweaty butt-stink. “Mmmmmmm! … can’t wait to taste that smelly thing!!” he whispered sensually. We were both getting aroused out of our fuckin’ minds!
Both of us feeling the beer, he reached up and grabbed a tin from the back of the cabinet, opened it, and pulled out one of the plumpest jays I’d ever seen. He lit it, unleashing a dense cloud of smoke, as we toked on it while we finished-up our second tall boy. Some weed takes minutes to fully smash into you, but that shit was potent from the git-go; and before I knew it, I was soaring with overwhelming man-lust. I proceeded to pull his coat off, and unbutton his dress shirt. He didn’t have a Tee-shirt on, so his slightly hairy chest and cut pecs came into view almost immediately, tingling my gonads and fully hardening my leaky prong. I raked my breathy lips across his furry chest, and hard-tongued his massive, erect pec-stubs, making him curse and groan ecstatically. Talking about hot buttons!! Whew!! He went freakin’ ballistic as I pinched hell out of one, and chewed and tongued the other.

He quickly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and slipped it off; tossing it on the floor beside his coat, leaving his tie on - unveiling his ripped, sexy torso. I slipped down to one knee, and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, letting his pants drop to his ankles; and began voraciously biting his rock-hard manhood through his Diesels. “Oh
Yeah!!!” He grunted! “Gnaw that big boy!!” Hell, big was an understatement!! When the brief material was soaked with my slobber, I pulled his gorgeous man-meat out of its Diesel straightjacket, and immediately took it deep in my throat. “Oh FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” he yelled, as I massaged it with my throat muscles, squeezing gently as I bobbed ever so slightly. “Oh my God, that’s freakin incredible!!!” he gushed! … Suck that baby!!!!” I gagged slightly and pulled off, because of the thickness of his endowment; but went right back to work.

Not wanting to take his load in my gullet prematurely, I pulled out to about three inches of what had to be 9 big-headed inches of raw, curved-up man-meat; and began to make passionate love to it: tight-lipped bobbing, chewing and tongue-swirling the glans, and raking my teeth up and down the thick, veiny stem - devouring it like a ravenous wolf! - but not hurting him. I then just bobbed sensually for a few minutes as he moaned and growled blissfully. He was leaning up against the counter and looking up to heaven as I gave him at least the first hundred’s worth of pleasure!!


When a man has a tight, round little set of buns like Daren’s, my first instinct is to ram my hungry tongue deep into his rosebud and feast on its manly sweetness. I turned him around and he grabbed onto the counter, thrusting-out his tantalizing globes, knowing exactly what I had in mind! I parted them like the velvet curtains of a high-class strip show, raked my wet probe up the crack, and slurped and nibbled on his lovely white bubbles; the intoxicating pucker fumes already making me drunk with desire.

He bent over and said, “Stick it in, Toni boy! … pleasure my ass!!” But instead of inserting my tongue, I stuck my fuck-finger deep into his dilated anus, pumping gently. “Oh my GOD!!!!” he yelled as I wiggled and thrust my finger in his hole; inserting two, then three spit-lubed digits!! “Oh yeah … that’s it!! … FUCK IT!!” he cried. So I obliged him, and spit a huge wad into his hole and another on my three-fingered prick. Adding the pinky, I thrust into his squishy pussy, and started fucking slowly and sensually, eliciting deep growls of rapture from deep in his throat. After several glorious minutes of four-fingered butt-plugging, I pulled out my finger-prick and immediately substituted my very long, stiff tongue, plunging it into the inviting softness of his fully-dilated, hair-rimmed bung-hole. My tongue went wild licking, kissing and slurping his aromatic anal squishiness; spit drooling down his legs and onto the floor below as he groaned and cursed in blissful tones of rim-joy. “Oh God, you’re marvelous … the best ever!!!” I figured that was another $200 worth right there!!

He turned around, and pulled me up to his mouth where he thrust his long, thick probe into my gaping orifice, our tongues sliding all over each other in frantic delight; our lips biting and gnawing, and our hands racing madly over our perspiring torsos, accompanied by loud moans of escalating abandon to the sensuous music.

Overwhelmed with desire, we tore off the rest of our inhibiting garments, and stood naked before each other, breathing hard, cocks dripping, ready for action! He led me by the hand into the large, plush living room and flipped on some erotic music. On the wall was a large, entrancing charcoal of a gorgeous young man sitting alone, longingly awaiting his lover! I saw myself as that boy! He took me in his arms and started sexy-dancing with me, our lips locked, and our cocks grinding sensuously against our tummies. He raked his hot tongue up-and-down my neck and sloppy-tongued my ears, seething with burning, aggressive passion! I reciprocated, and we went berserk kissing and licking our lust-crazed bodies. By that time we were both sweaty from our exertions, and the pungent man-scent was maddening.
Jacked by his masculine perfume, I shoved his arm up, and dug my tongue into the sweat-drenched pit, savoring the macho taste and smell. He fell to his knees and took my drippy prong into his starving lips, sucking and licking my cock like it was a toddler’s lollypop. He obviously knew how to work a penis to perfection, deep-bobbing for several minutes, and then rapidly hand-pumping the foreskin over my incredibly sensitive glans as he tongue-swirled and lightly chewed the nut. I moaned in ecstasy as he licked my balls and bobbed my cock in a fury of saliva-drooling felatio!!

In love with each other’s cocks, we moved easily into a 69 position on the big cushy sofa, with him on top, still bobbing and slurping on my throbbing phallus. I swallowed his big thick, uncut manhood into my open lips and started bouncing on it fast and furious as we groaned through cock-stuffed cheeks. He moved his hips up a bit, positioning his large hairy balls in front of my mouth. I took each tennis-ball sized nut into my mouth and bathed it with my smooth wet tongue as the beckoning call of his sweaty asshole fueled my imagination.
Unable to resist any longer, I reached up and pulled his hips into rimming position. He gladly lowered his ass onto my mouth, and I shot my long hot tongue into his butthole as he ground it into my face. A wet hole is super-smelly; and his was potent beyond belief! - and its musky taste like ambrosia from the heights of Opympus! Unable to resist, he said passionately, “Give me your ass!!” I curled my butt up and he went to work on my rosebud, copy-catting my frenzied ass-chewing. There’s absolutely nothing like double rimming!! It gives new meaning to “double your pleasure, double your fun!!”
At that point, he got off me and stood up, pulling me up in front of him. We kissed hot and heavy for a few seconds. Then he pushed me onto the big fluffy sofa behind me, and straddled my hips with his hairy thighs, saying, “I’m gonna ride that big stiff bronco of yours, muchacho!!” … “Hell cowboy, ride it long and hard!!!” … “Fuck yeah!!” he yelled as he lowered his dilated anus onto my pre-oozing cockhead. “Mmmmmmmmm” he groaned, sliding his sphincter slowly onto my towering prong. “Oh my God, Toni baby … that feels awesome!!” he passionately gushed, as the full length of my throbbing 10-inch manhood was enveloped by his clinching asshole.

He pulled out to my flaring mushroom, and began to massage it with his sphincter as fuck-juice gushed out to lubricate it. I moaned as waves of intense pleasure emanated from my sensitive head, electrifying my entire body. Then he started slowly riding the full length, both of us cursing and grunting with rapturous delight. After many sensual bobs on my dick, he sat on my hips with my cock deep in his pussy-hole, sensuously grinding and sliding, creating marvelous sensations as he worked my prostate. For at least thirty minutes he rode me in all kinds of wonderful positions. Then he got up on the sofa facing me, and started bouncing up and down on his haunches, sending waves of fuck-bliss throughout our sweat-glistening bodies.


While standing up with his feet on the floor, facing away, he yelled, ”Pummel my ass, boy … fuck the hell out of it … SLAM IT!!!” I quickly began to pound his fully stretched-out sphincter as he yelled and cursed in ecstasy. I joined him, as intense jolts of bliss shot through my body. I jack-hammered him as fast I possibly could until I could feel the rumblings of an imminent spunk-blast gathering in my balls.


But he jumped off, and pulled me to my feet with my groin aching with orgasmic frustration. He fell to his feet and took my cock into his mouth, and started bobbing like crazy for my jizz. I could tell he wanted it bad, so I prepared for what promised to be a mighty explosion of pent-up spunk-juice! I spread my big muscular legs, grabbed his head, and started face-fucking him as hard as I could. The fire shot through my prick as I held his head to my groin, depositing my always incredible jizz-load deep in his gullet. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! … FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! ... SHIIIIIIIT!!! I screamed as ecstatic waves of orgasmic release rocked my body!!! He took it all as I pumped jet after jet of warm jizz into his throat, struggling to swallow it, and gagging at last for the sheer volume of it. I pulled out, and spewed the remainder of my orgasm all over his face and chest, covering his face with a thick white blanket of hot love-cream. He took my cock back into his mouth and slurped and swallowed the rest of my monster load, moaning with extreme cum-joy as he sucked every last molecule from it!!

All the time he was sucking my cock he was stroking his own pre-slick boner. Weak-kneed from my orgasm, I fell onto a huge ottoman in the middle of the room. “Show me your sexy ass!!” He commanded. I gladly held up my legs, revealing my beautiful, quivering hole – begging for his cock. He stuck it in for a while, fucking me fast and furious, getting hotter and hotter by the second to shoot his load. Suddenly he pulled out and stood up, screaming “OH MY GOD!!!! … AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! … FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!! … OH SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!”” and pumped his hot spunk all over my asshole and butt, aiming the last few spurts at my chest and face. I opened my mouth and caught a huge glob, tasting and gulping it down with delight. He put his stiff, cum-drooling prong back in my hole, and slow-fucked me as we moaned and groaned with sweet orgasmic deight, gazing into each other’s love-struck eyes!

He rested his arms on the sofa and lowered his mouth onto mine, as we started snowballing like crazy, sharing very hot, sensuous kisses, licking the delicious love-cream from our faces and chest. It was heavenly. It was a moment of incredible intimacy – the sacrament of our sensual bonding. He gazed into my eyes and said, “I don’t know about you, Toni; but I think I want a lot more of this!!!” … “Hell, I think I might just move in for a while!” I replied. “That would be fantastic … You can spend the night as often as you like.”… “Sounds good to me!!” I said … “I’ll be back tomorrow night!!”... “Oh,” he said, “here’s three hundred more – it was totally awesome, man!!” … “No Daren; keep the three hundred - in fact, here’s the two hundred … It was definitely for pleasure; not profit!” No, Toni, that two hundred is my special gift to you - to tell you how much I care about you! ... OH!! … how ‘bout that massage?!” … “Fuck! … I gave you a cock massage!!” I replied. He chuckled, and said, “Yeah, it’s hard to beat a nice cock massage!!” We both had a good belly-laugh!

As our laughing subsided, we kissed lovingly; then showered, and curled–up on the sofa in front of a gas-log fire listening to Rachmaninoff, clad only in our briefs. We casually sipped some fine Pinot Grigio, chilled to perfection, as we gazed upon the glittering Chicago skyline through floor to ceiling windows. It was the most relaxed I had ever been with a guy in my entire life. Our personalities seemed to flow nicely; and our tastes and interests were just different enough to make it fun and interesting!

Every time we talked, laughed, and hung-out together, the more I wanted to move in – forever!! Well, that’s exactly what I did three months later; and we’ve been partners for two years now; thinking seriously about our future together! Such a relief to find the man of my dreams - I was getting really tired of the call-boy rat-race – physical satisfaction is just not enough! But we do have a third party in every now and then - just to keep things jazzy!! The call-boy in me didn’t give-up so easily!!


The incredibly hot and pretty bubble butt.


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