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The horny cowboys love for you to ride them.


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Why are religions, specifically Christian-Fundamentalist religions so tormented and obsessed with the sex act?

The Creator, AKA God, by the complexity and scope of its existence is to be all-knowing, all powerful, perfect in every way, and at the same time, invisible and infallible.

If one is to accept this conjecture, then God knew ahead of time that he was going to create man, he was going to give him a companion, he also knew that he was setting him up to “sin” and he also knew ahead of time that this so-called “sin” was to be intrinsically linked with procreation.

Christian's rejection of sex is there because they associate it with sin. Disdain for homosexuality is then elevated to a major transgression since it does not procreate.

But like anything involving Fundamentalism, the ends justifies the means and then they go on to make speculations, erroneous interpretations of the Scriptures to fit their ideology and their homophobia.

There are many that have recognized the distinction in meanings of the old texts. For example, “God made man out of the dust of the ground. This first man is known to us as Adam, but Adam was not originally a proper name. Adam, more properly spelled with a small "a," is nothing more than the Hebrew word for human being. So God created adam אדם (ah-DAHM), a human being, out of dust.”(1)

Supposedly, at the beginning there was perfect order, there was no sin and no death. This first human being was then given animals to name. He named them and he also named himself: "enosh." This wasn't exactly a proper name either, but meant man. (Enosh is the oldest form of the name. In biblical and modern Hebrew, this word has become "ish.") Proper names were not needed due to the fact that there was only one of him, and only a limited number of animals. (If there was only one tiger, one tigress, one lion, one lioness, etc., they could be called by those names; other names were not needed.)”(2)איש

But Enosh was lonely, and God would have known this ahead of time, so God extracted a piece of flesh and bone from Enosh and gave him a companion. Now, everyone knows now that genetically, that would only result in an exact replica, or a clone. No room for speculation here since the genetics involved would not have produced a female.

So, one may safely presume that Enosh's companion was also a male and Enosh or Adam named him "inshah," which is simply the feminine form of enosh. It means "woman." (Biblical and modern Hebrew: ishah) But we know from modern cloning experiments that a clone cannot have a different sex than the original. Therefore, the woman would have actually been no different from the man. (Remember that there was no need for reproduction yet.)” (3)אשה

Where we enter into murky territory is when sin and death arrives. If God is all-knowing, he knew in advance that there would be death and there was also sin. This leaves us with more questions than answers. Enter the Fundamentalist-Evangelical opportunist. This person is tormented and obsessed with the thought of procreation through sex. Sex then is associated with sin.

With God being all-knowing, and creating everything, he must have intended to also create homosexuality, after all, Enosh's first companion was also a male. God saw that it was good...since God doesn't err, the existence of homosexuality is very well known by God since he is the one who created it.

So, it was after all Adam and Steve and God saw that it was good!

"Keep that fucking apple Steve, the last time I took one from this chick and ate it, we have lived to regret it for 70,000 years!"


The tea rooms adventures where no tea is served continues with a lot of gay sex.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.