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This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now. 




The subway was being built right in front of our apartment and it was a pain in the ass for almost a year


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now. 

THE FIRST three-car Metropolis train set for the metro line under construction in Santo Domingo at the time left Alstom's factory in Barcelona on December 14. The ship delivering the train was expected to dock in the Dominican Republic in early January 2010.

By Arnoldo Villegas, Jr
The 14 km partially-elevated metro Line 1 was scheduled to open in September 2008, with overhead electrification at 1·5 kV DC. It serves 16 stations on the route from Villa Mella in the north of Santo Domingo and La Feria to the south, improving access to commercial and office centers and the universities in the congested capital.

The biggest problem that this all presented was that it passed right in front of our apartment. The construction would last months and months and for a time we had this hole running the length of the street. We were left without access to parking and would have to endure the mud, the dust and the noise all this time. I would stand on the terrace of our apartment and look over the whole construction site. I would be able to see the men, most of which were Haitians and therefore very cheap labor go about doing their work.

Shirts were off in the Caribbean heat it was a necessity to go shirtless. They had to wear by law these orange vests but this allowed their glistening bodies to be seen, their chests, their strong arms. It was eye candy at its best.

Then you would have the supervisors, engineers and others that did not perform the hard work. You could tell they were educated Dominicanos by the fact that they wore white shirts and a dark tie and always carried a notebook and a cell phone. These too were dolls. For the most part these guys were lighter skinned mulattoes and even white.

The University Station was being built less than a block away. While the inconvenience of having all this construction right in front of our apartment there was one beneficial aspect. The property which was purchased for 85K has now gone up in price and similar apartments in the area are selling for 115-120k.

My brother and I would spend hours overlooking the site, we would make comments on this and the other dude, which one was cute, which one could be had, and we would not miss any of their activities like when they would undress, take a piss, or stop to eat lunch. Don’t think for a minute that they did not notice. They were totally aware that they were being watched and the reason why. This made them doubly more exhibitionist. They would at times cup their crotches, if they had to piss, they did it where we could see them.

This particular afternoon I was out in the balcony and I was looking down and the guys all went to lunch. They scattered like flies and you could not see any one except two at the end of the road sitting eating their lunch. Then out of nowhere this one stud appeared and he started to take a piss but he made sure that I could see him. I knew this one was a supervisor because his hard hat was blue and not yellow and he was white. He had his shirt off and just stood there holding his cock long after he was finished with his piss. He was looking my way and I could see that he was working it. He had an erection for sure and I sort of licked my lips and he took notice. Then he looked down at his cock and then back at me. I made a motion with my head indicating he should come up.

I can operate the electronic gate from the kitchen and when I saw that he was coming, I opened the gate to the parking area. Then I stood by the front door and waited for him to come up the stairs. As he approached, I realized what a babe this guy was.

“Saludos” he said as he approached me and extended his hand to shake mine “Julio César Tamargo, p’a servirle” and I said: “Arnoldo Villegas, bienvenido” He then said: “hay algo que te llama la atención?” (something that draws your attention?) and I answered: “Si, lo que estabas mostrando allá abajo” (yes, that which you were showing down there) And he broke into laughter as he held his hat with one hand and the soft drink with the other.

I invited him in and he just stood there kind of not knowing what to do. I told him to sit down if he wanted to and he said there wasn’t much time as their lunch break would be over soon. So I just walked over and put my hand on his crotch and he started to get hard.

I started to unzip his jeans and out came a tremendously big uncut cock. It was pretty to look at and much nicer to suck and that is exactly what I did. I put it in my mouth and gave this guy the blow job of his life. He shot his wad almost right away; his ejaculation was such that it filled my mouth and it also covered my face. I suppose he was horny. Then he zipped up, thanked me and asked me if he could come back the next day. I told him why didn’t he have lunch with me, I would fix him some lunch and he accepted.
I’ll be dipped if the son of a bitch didn’t show up right about lunch time every day for the next three weeks. Then he was sent to another location close to the Colonial Zone and I never saw him again. But I sucked him for three weeks, every weekday. Now that was nice!

After Julio César I started to cruise these three Haitians who kept looking up at me as I was leaning against the balcony railing.

They would look up and make comments in Creole which I did not understand and finally the darker and cutest one looked up at me and grabbed his crotch. I motioned with my hand for him to come up and he lifted his wrist, looked at his watch and gave me a signal indicating that he would be back at six as he held up six fingers.
I spoke to him in French when I greeted him and he told me his name was Beauchamp, I am not sure if that is the right spelling but in any case, the guy just attacked me as he came into my apartment. He was all over me, kissing, licking my neck and biting my chin and ears. This one was going to be a good one, I said to myself. He was a little dirty and sweaty but I didn’t mind. As a matter of fact, I found it that much more stimulating.

Beauchamp was undressing me with the urgency of someone who has not had sex in years. He was almost tearing off my clothes as he took his off as well. When I saw his body I nearly creamed my shorts. When he took out his dick and lowered his shorts I thought I would die. I thought to myself: Soon I am going to have that gigantic black dick up my ass.

But first I wanted to give Beauchamp a tongue bath. I started to work on his chest and I was licking the salty sweat and then reached the armpits where I was almost driven to madness with the masculine scent and the way his armpit hairs were bushy, black and all clumped together. Such was his excitement that he came all over my face but he still remained hard and wanted more.

Beauchamp didn’t know there were white guys who actually liked the smell of sweaty armpits. He was almost apologetic that he had not been able to shower. But after what I was doing; he realized that it was a plus rather than a disadvantage.

Beauchamp was just enjoying all the attention and pleasure I was giving him. I then started to suck his cock and it was a hard one to suck. I just could not get the fucking thing in my mouth and I consider myself to be a very good cock sucker.

Beauchamp kept reaching for my ass. I knew what he wanted and I was kind of looking forward to it although with some trepidation. After all this was a good 11 or 12 inch fat black cock.

I filled myself with courage and I sort of moved my ass to where he could now reach it while I sucked him. I wiggled it when he put his hand in between my ass cheeks. I hummed in approval as he started to insert a finger in my pucker.

Then when I had his cock all wet and covered with saliva, I spit in my hand and brought it to my ass to lubricate it. It was not necessary, Beauchamp was producing so much pre-cum that it would be enough to lubricate my hole. He turned me around and started to press that big thing into my hole. It was not going to go in easy, so I put more spit and so did he. This time when he pushed my pucker gave and opened up like a snake opening up its mouth to swallow its prey.

The pain was incredible but I asked for this one. I was not going to quit, not now. I was just waiting for the pain to turn to pleasure and then I looked in the bedroom mirror and what I saw just turned me on. Here was a gorgeous black stud fucking a very good looking young white guy. I guess that did it, and from then on it was pleasure all the way on its journey to paradise.

Beauchamp knew how to fuck. His movements were sensual, his ondulating body was only moving his lower part as he plunged his dick in and out of my hole. The fucking was to last for quite some time. So long it was that I finally had to beg him to shoot his load. I had already shot mine twice and could not take it anymore. Beauchamp unloaded squirt after squirt of man juice inside my ass.

It seems that Beauchamp told one of his co-workers and he showed up at my door holding his crotch. I let him in and when I pulled the son of a bitch out of its confinement I grabbed it in the had to be a cock for the record books because I was holding it and had three inches on either end that my hands were not covering...that makes it at least 14 inches. No way I could suck something like that so I relied on my good old ass to do the job...I walked funny for days after that fuck.

After Beauchamp and the other dude with the monster cock, a new guy came into the scene and this one I thought there would be no way I could have him. I could hear him talking, his voice was deep and masculine. His demeanor very butch and this one was a no nonsense guy who just happened to be very good looking, but I would not want to mess with him as he would just as soon beat the shit out of me than let me have any sex from him.

I was totally wrong. Pichardo Gómez actually came up to me when I was passing in front of him and he was down in the excavation. He came up and I thought he was going to hit me for having been cruising him, but no, he extended his hand and said that his name was Pichardo but everyone called him “Pichirilo”. Pichirilo was very forward. After I told him my name he said: “maybe we can grab a beer after I get off” I told him that we could and I asked him if he knew where I lived and he answered that he had seen me standing in the balcony many times.

Pichirilo showed up at my door around 6:30, I don’t know how he got in the parking area, he must have gone when someone came in to park.

I said: “welcome, you are just in time for supper. I hope you have not eaten” he answered: “no, I haven’t and I am famished”
I had dinner in the small oven, the apartment was very spacious except the kitchen; it was microscopic and you could not even roast a large turkey because the oven was so small. But I had the food in the oven and I offered him a drink.

“What would you like to drink?” “A beer would be fine” So I brought him a “Presidente” which is a very good local brew.

He sat there on the couch with his jeans with rips all across the front and it was very provocative, first because some of the holes were placed in strategic places and if you made the effort you could get a glimpse of his balls or part of the end of his penis. He knew I was looking and he opened up his legs a little more and even adjusted his cock so that now I could make out his prepuce.

I brought over the beers and I toasted: “to your beautiful body” I was not playing games. I let him know right off the bat that he had a nice body.

Pichirilo was telling me about himself: He was from San Pedro de Marcoris, a town that is east of the airport and a good hour away. He graduated from high school and his uncle got him into the army and he served five years in the Corp of Engineers where he told me he worked on many public projects, he learned to read blue prints and got very valuable on-hand experience. After his stint in the Dominican Army, he was able to get a job with the Public Works Ministry and he is like a supervisor, we know these as crew chiefs.
But all the while, he was talking and I could see his bulge growing. Pichirilo was getting an erection because he knew I was looking at his crotch. As his cock got harder some of it was now protruding out of the conveniently placed hole in his pants until it finally broke through and the head just popped out.

I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back with a very mischievous smirk. I then asked him if he needed some help or if he was going to be able to take that big thing out all by himself. He cracked up and said: “No, here, I will make it easier on you, I know you want it” And he unzipped his pants and let me have a look at his ass cheeks as well when he turned around.
His cock was at least ten inches and thick; this was by far the thickest cock I have ever seen. I don’t know but I am so accustomed to guys in America and the normal size is around six inches. Here it seems everyone has more than nine. Is it my imagination or are all the guys in this country well hung?
Pichirilo was a regular at my apartment from then on. A lot of times he would come straight from work, all sweaty and dirty, and that was the time I liked to get him in bed, because the guy just smelled like a macho man.

One weekend I invited him to Boca Chica and rented a room at a gay friendly hotel. We had a great time and got to know each other well. He was manly but sweet, extremely attentive and with a cock that long and that thick I don’t think I could have been better satisfied.

Disclaimer: Any similarities or coincidences are accidental and not indicative of the real characters I had the pleasure of knowing and sharing my bed with in real life. Some would be totally misleading as I drew from memory and would identify a character as a “bottom” when in real life for example; the person I actually knew was the opposite: yet the personality I depict is different than the situations in real life.