Thursday, June 30, 2011


What is destroying America is GREED and CHRISTIAN EXTREMISM.

A couple of days ago I read with great sadness and disappointment a blog that I admire and follow faithfully.

The blogger wrote today that he is going to go into exile because he was disappointed that nobody had mentioned anything about the massacre of 32 gay men in New Orleans in 1973.

This of course, is one assumption on his part that people don’t care about that particular incident; but most importantly, it begs the question: how many other people have been massacred in Louisiana in the past 100 years over issues of race or sexual orientation?

We have to consider the fact that people who read blogs rarely make comments let alone carry the ball on some particular cause the blog deals with; having said that, my disappointment and awe arises because I know this blogger is extremely intelligent, witty, well-read and articulate. He has always impressed me to be right on the money on so many issues that it warrants my attention and thus my following his blog.

But I could see one major flaw, one misguided assumption on his part and that is as a result of having bought into all this Republican-Teahadist effort to vilify SOCIALISM. Many people in America are not just scared of the word even though they don’t understand the implications. Most people in America if asked today think that SOCIALISM is evil and something we should repudiate. Yet, if asked whether Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Education, the Armed Forces should be in private hands they recoil and say they oppose that.

There are certain aspects of our economy that could not possibly be in private hands. There are for example “NATURAL MONOPOLIES” as would be the case of electric companies, water and sewer and the like. Could you envision 10 different electric companies competing against one another and the electric wires running behind your house on those poles in the alley? Or could you have 10 different sewer and water companies tearing up your street to lay down ten different pipelines?

Conversely, could we possibly hand over the Pentagon to private enterprise? Would our country be safe? Would serving your country become a matter of financial convenience rather than patriotism? How about education? We have seen how voucher programs and privatization of schools work…for the detriment of the poor…only those with the financial means get an education while the rest of us remain near-illiterate. Oh, I forget that is something the wealthy prefer because an uneducated populace is easier to lie to and to control.

I would say to this blogger and any other person thinking this way: You have bought into the Republican-Teahadist vilification of the word SOCIALISM, you have fallen victim of their misguided and evil agenda and it is time you wake up and smell that coffee of yours because it is not the Socialists who are fighting gays, it is narrow-minded, fanatical Christians (and others) who cling on to one erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures.

If anything, please remember that the extreme right has gained so much ground in the past thirty years that those things we used to consider far-right radical are now mainstream. If anything, our country has gone too far to the right and it is now on the verge of losing those very SOCIALIST programs that allow for Americans to have a safety net…one that we pay into, one that we are ENTITLED TO.

Even some of the die-hard conservative Republicans are beginning to see the whole askew ideology, the inevitable ruin of America and the destruction of the middle class. The Ryan budget reduction plan and the various laws championed by ultra-conservative governors are but the tip of the iceberg.

In this world of theirs, in this America of theirs; there will be only two social classes: a very limited percentage of white super wealthy who either live in McMansions in heavily guarded gated communities or abroad and comprise no more than 1% of the population and the rest of us working our asses off in sweat shops to make them richer. It is not likely that they would even want to live in America because the rift-raft poor make it very unpleasant for them.

Their intent is to eliminate all social safety nets including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid…they want to do away with public education and with labor unions. It is in their agenda to also eliminate any kind of safeguard to the safety of the products we consume by doing away with regulatory agencies like the FDA and the EPA because these are intrusive and interfere with the free enterprise system. Child labor laws and minimum wage gone; and so will the number of hours worked per week and a return to the 19th century workplace.

We have seen so far three phases of this agenda; first, when Obama became President the Republicans opposed, delayed, sabotaged any efforts by the Democrats and the President to fix the mess the Republicans left after Bush by becoming “THE PARTY OF NO”. Then on the second phase they concentrated all their efforts to gain a majority in the House of Representatives by injecting enormous amounts of “anonymous” campaign contributions and advertising…all of which coming from the very wealthy and the corporate special interests. Phase three is well underway; it is a pervasive and unconstitutional effort by newly elected Teahadist-Republicans to dismantle Labor Unions and all the social safety nets. Does Wisconsin sound familiar to you?

Their aim is also to only use government as a means to carry out a culture war agenda by adopting anti-abortion, anti-gay measures and even criminalizing these. The government would then be limited to push down our throats Fundamentalist-Evangelical dogma and that is about it.

I am a fervent supporter of FREE ENTERPRISE and realize that it is an economic system that works but it must have regulations and a sprinkle of SOCIALISM or it will not work. It won’t work because there are certain things that can’t be in private hands or you risk interjecting greed…and greed has no conscience.

It is bad enough that we have to pay for the water we drink…are we also going to have to pay for the air we breathe? Wait a minute, we do you know…in terms of allowing the corporations to pollute mindlessly and to continue to refuse to abandon the internal combustion engine.

So, if you decide to leave America for greener pastures where gay marriage is the law of the land, do it because there is a decimation of the middle class, where redistribution of wealth has taken place and it has gone to the very rich; do leave it because there exists a concerted and pervasive effort to destroy those SOCIALIST programs.

I have considered exile myself on occasions when I have been so despondent, so pissed at the Republicans and Evangelicals that I was ready to give it all up. But I am a fighter, even though I lost my pension and 401K, my house is worth ½ of the price I paid for it, my job is now being done in Pakistan and as a gay man I don't have the same rights as everyone else…I am standing, I am fighting and I will not let anyone forget who got us into this mess: REPUBLICANS, FUNDAMENTALIST EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS and those stupid enough to buy into their ideology.

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