Sunday, June 6, 2010




The Catholic Church has traditionally been a great stumbling block to progress and to man’s ability to obtain knowledge. It has been common knowledge that the Church not only opposed any kind of admission of being in error, they claimed complete and total infallibility, beginning with the head of the Church.

The infallibility and great power of the Pope has been at the crossroads of great debates and he has invariably pulled the strings to quell and even extinguish any and all opposition to his absolute power.

We are now at it again but this time the general population is totally disgusted with the Church and their efforts to silence and to avoid any criticism in the many cases of pedophilia that have surfaced in the past couple of decades.

What gives? Are those priests totally immune to prosecution and will continue to act with impunity as the church merely transfers them to another parish and just sweeps the scandal under the carpet either by hush money or by pressure to the media and to those in power. But it seems that is not going to last very long. The folks involved are not staying quiet and the general public is just fed up with the impunity.

Presently we are seeing how the Pope himself has been in the center of the controversy, rightfully or not so deservedly you might say. But he is and we have to deal with it and they have to deal with it. But judging from history and the way that the Church has always responded, it does not seem that they are willing to accept responsibility: instead, we have seen how some of these Church mouthpieces have attempted to divert the anger towards homosexuals and are trying to make scapegoats out of the gays.

My message to the Church: It is not going to work this time, you better fucking own it and turn those pedophiles over to justice or the anger and resentment is going to cause further erosion of an already dwindling religion. The days of the INQUISITION are over.


  1. EXCELENT!!!

  2. There is a parallel to this story that will happen again to this dumb world! The "church" crushed the first century gnostics and all dissenters and organized a state religion. A thousand years later along come the Templars and Cathars and in no time they were crushed. A while later "The Inquisition"....dissent crushed. Finally something they couldn't crush: Protestantism! No we go after them for diddling boys behind the altar! We are free finally.....but wait....US fundamentalists want political power to establish the "government of Jesus Christ"(state religion).....sound familiar? When do you think they will start their "Inquisition"? Anyone for burning books? In their hatred they will find a way to legislate killing abortionists, gays, democrats, liberals, atheists and anybody else that does not follow them to the letter.

    So here we are: protestants(born again nitwits) fought to gain freedom from the catholics only to impose the same system of beliefs on another unsuspecting world, too stupid to notice that history is repeating itself!!! When the F*CK will we learn?! Be not sad for when they have sent their enemies off to hell, they WILL turn on each other(they do a nice job of that now!)

    As soon as god raptures them(brainless jerks) we can get on with living but only after we deal with the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses....etc that didn't make it on the voyage,....never mind.....we are probably all f*cked!

    Why don't people learn from history?! I say: STAND BACK AND WATCH THEM ALL KILL EACH OTHER AND HUMANITY BE DAMNED!!

  3. How does it sound: Pope Patsy Robertson...?
    We'd better get used to it!


  4. Does anybody remember how the wolves decscended on the PTL(praise the lord, people that love, pass the loot, perpetuate the lies....etc) Club? I'm sure the Bakers were no angels but what amazed me is how the other TV "Evangelists" tore the Baker's "ministry" to shreds, like starving wolves digging into prey! The one aspect of christianity that does fascinate me to absolutely no end, is the way that they don't agree with each other(each one sincerely believes that ALL the others are going to hell)! Maybe the only issues that bind them together are how to bring down the gay movement and get rid of "comrade" Obama and his communist ideals.
    Since they lack ESP powers, perhaps if the gay community were to become born again(with lots of sex, of course), it would be interesting to see what they would do next....just a thought. Boy, would I like to take "communion" in a born-again-lots-of-sex church. We could call it PTL Church.....PASS THE LOAD! May the Load bless you all who read this blog!