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But with unusually hot men to drink the coffee with!

This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

“I'M STARTING TO FEEL LIKE A ROMANIAN” - Original erotic gay story by Phil Oropesa

Being a bastard Tex-Mex and find acceptance in a foreign country is remarkable.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.

By Phil Oropesa

I am as American as they cum...even born on the 4th of July and also with very strong Mexican roots, I never thought I would love to be anywhere else other than the United States. Romania is proven to be a second home, has provided me unconditional acceptance and I am treated not as a dirty “wet-back” gay bastard, but as one of their own, even a very respected and admired one of their own.

My social life took a 180 degree turn, I was being invited to all kinds of official and private functions. I was even asked to perform as judge in art exhibits, be co-host of charitable organizations...and much more.

Even the free tickets to concerts, opera and other costly dinners were given to me at no cost. My modest wardrobe was no longer sufficient, my tuxedo was old and it looked it. So I decided to invest some money on clothing. These included a few tailor made suits, tailor made shirts and two new tuxedos.

As I became more familiar with Bucharest, I began to explore...I knew there would be cruising spots where men go to meet other men. I had to play it by ear and allow my intuition to guide me.


The Soho Lounge, the Corner Club is not totally gay but advertises as “gay friendly” the baths is another aware that they are supposed to be straight baths...but a lot of gay activities take place, sort of under the radar and with a any case it is called “Baia Grivita”

If you are expecting an openly gay venue, Romania is not for you. I would compare it to America of the 50's in terms of gay acceptance. Forget holding hands in public or any other PDA. However, because Romania has joined the European they've had to decriminalize homosexuality. Age of consent is supposed to be 15, but I would stay away from the twinks as they tend to be hustlers and sometimes under age.

However, parks are teeming with gay activities. You just have to be careful because not only you could get arrested...but get mugged or held up. Be that as it may, I venture into several of them and often. I have never been disappointed and always hooked up with some hot stud.

One thing to remember when cruising for sex in the park is that it is a cat and mouse game. Not only do closeted men avoid the instant and obvious interest in getting serviced, they have to feel like they are doing it as a favor, perhaps even with the guise of a monetary exchange. Yes, hustlers are everywhere and they don't think of themselves as gay if they get paid for sexual favors, never mind that even those looking for sex want to get fucked...but they play the role of “top” in order to get fucked.

It was a glorious late spring morning...temperature in the low sixties and it was conducive to venture outdoors. I set out in a taxi to the two parks I knew were good for cruising.

The two parks are a block apart from each other, the Parcul National and the Parcul Gheorghe Petrascu are definitely cruising spots, but don't expect to do anything there because it is quite open and there are no places to hide. You go there and pick up a trick and take them home or rent a hotel room for a few hours and these are cheap and discrete.


I eventually got it right. I took a cab to Parcul Herăstrău

which is a very large park on the north side of Bucharest with cafés, restaurants and lakes...and the wooded areas are very busy, teeming with activities but very hidden and out of sight. It really is a lovely park, the areas that are manicured and filled with flower beds are just incredibly beautiful, the other sections are left in its original forest-like state and these are the areas where gay activities take place.

The Park itself is so large it would take you several hours to walk around it. Discovering the gay spots is even more cumbersome. But I have a very well developed “gaydar” and I looked for men by themselves, around their cars and just walking along.

I wasn't wrong, within minutes of sitting at a park bench, I noticed men walking up and down and cruising, almost gawking at me. Some would adjust their crotch bulges, some would just stand in one place and make a movement with their heads indicating they wanted you to follow.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out a very large and pretty uncut cock. " Vrei să sugi asta? " He said ("You want to suck on this?") and I answered: "Sigur , dar nu aici , putem merge la un alt loc? " ("Sure, but not here, can we go to some other place?")

" Urmează-mă " ("Follow me") He answered I was about ten feet behind him when he turned into the heavily wooded area and veered off the footpath. I noticed in a recess of the trail, on the forest floor, discarded used condoms...I knew then that I had the right place. I began to suck this dude and the pungent scent of his pubes was exquisite...that alone was making my pucker pulsate. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and I stopped sucking to pay well deserved attention to his nice body...there I was met with even more stimulating macho scent...and on to the armpits I went where I died and went to heaven.


He enjoyed the armpit licking, I don't think he had ever experienced that, but while I was busy with the pits, he was reaching for my ass. “Iti place sa fii futut?” He asked. (“Do you like to get fucked?”) And I didn't answer, I just pulled down my pants and offered him my ass.

Obviously, that is what he had in mind all along because he pulled out a condom from his pocket and slipped it on, then proceeded to spit on his dick and in my ass. It wasn't very easy and he was abrupt and inconsiderate...pushing his cock against my ass crack until the damn thing had penetrated completely...then he started to pound it, pumping in and out mercilessly...The dream fuck of any self respecting bottom. Breathing quickened and he was muttering unintelligible words...perhaps some profanities I never heard before...but I knew that he was about to shoot his load...I in turn came without touching myself.

“Sunt având un orgasm , in interiorul tau, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaah!!!” (“I'm having an orgasm, inside you”) As he shouted and spewed more profanities in Romanian.I looked back as he took his dick out of my ass and when he took off the was hanging, stretched and laden with his man juice. But before I could grab it and drink the contents, he just threw it on the forest floor to join its discarded cousins.

He left in a hurry, I pulled up my pants and continued walking and no more than half a block away there was this dude sitting on a bench who was shamelessly displaying a very large and fully erect cock.

Nothing was said, there was no need...he knew what he wanted and I knew what I wanted as well. I just turned left and went into the thick vegetation.

I looked behind me to see if he had followed me and there he was, he had taken off all of his clothes and just threw them on the ground. He was waiting for me, standing naked, leaning against a tree.

The sucking was very short, there were no preliminaries, I didn't even have a chance to lick the beautiful body or get to his armpits, although I knew his pits would be delicious since I was catching a whiff every now and then.

But the stud picked me up by my underarms, lifted me like a feather and turned me around, all in one very abrupt and butch move. He got behind me and began to press his deliciously uncut and large cock against my orifice...and this one was not about to use a condom...because I pulled one out of my pants pocket that were wrapped around my ankles and he didn't take it.

Since I was freshly fucked, my ass was very flexible and easy to penetrate. This dude was obviously so horny that he shot his load into my ass shortly after penetration.

He pulled his cock out and a stream of his cum load just whooshed out of my ass. He put on his clothes and left me there...but that was not to be the end, it seems that there were two dudes hiding behind the vegetation and they both came out to be serviced.

The first one offered me his cock to suck and I more than gladly took it...after all, he was hot and had a beard. By now the temperature was starting to drop and a light drizzle was coming down. The other guy just stood there watching us...evidently he wasn't interested in participating. He just shot his load when the stud I was sucking shot his.

I was now getting cold and decided to abandon all efforts to continue tricking...I could have used a couple of more guys fucking my ass, but I left the area and walked towards the street. By the time I was able to flag down a taxi, I was soaking wet and shivering.


I didn't return to that park until four weeks

later and it was well into the summer season when the temperatures get unbearably hot...I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and venture on a trip to the city of Constanza in the Black Sea.

To be continued


The guy works his fingers to the bone for you, he's loyal and great in the sack...he deserves your gratitude and your love.


This blog does contain adult and gay material. If you are under your country's legal age (18 or 21), do not scroll down and leave this page now.